Recommendations by a Charleston WV Home Inspector. 

As beautiful fall is upon us. What concerns does this bring to you as a home owner?

Do you have a plan for fall clean up? Clogged gutters can create a number of issues. As fall turns to winter Ice dams can cause damage to your roofing system. It is extremely important that the roofing and guttering system are working as intended to help shed water away from the home and the foundation. 

Another threat when fall is ending turning our attention to water pipes and drains. We recommend that hose bibs be drained or at least winterized. A burst pipe can cause severe damages to your home. At real property inspections we recommend to check out your local hardware store to find various winterization products available to help prevent damage to your home. You can find hose bib caps,heat tape ,pipe insulation and other forms insulation to help protect the home this winter. 

These are just a few tips from a Home inspector in Charleston, Wv. Let us know what you do to help maintain your home.   

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