New Home Inspection (Construction | Phase)
A new home inspection, also known as a construction or phase inspection, is an invaluable service for anyone who is looking to have a reliable and nonbiased professional opinion regarding the quality and installation practices being utilized in their new home during the building process. The new home construction process can be an unexpectedly overwhelming process for anyone. Having a professional home inspector on call to help guide you through the home building process will absolutely bring value to your future purchase.
Phase Inspection Process
There are three opportunities available during the building cycle that are recommended to have your third-party inspector evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new home. The standard 3 phase inspection process is utilized to ensure that major construction defects within your home are not covered up.
There is a market for these types of inspections for a reason. Additionally, most high-quality home builders fully welcome a third-party inspection. The new construction phase inspection is conducted at three separate times;
1. The first inspection should be conducted prior to your concrete being poured on a slab foundation. A Block foundation should be inspected just before back fill after waterproofing has been applied.
2. The second inspection takes place prior to the interior walls and insulation being installed (Framing Inspection) this give us the ability to see various items including plumbing and rough electrical.
3. The final inspection takes place after the home is complete, usually around the time of your initial “Blue tape” walk-through (Final Inspection)